CUSTOM KNIVES handmade by SKYBLADE KNIVES of Bozeman, Montana. Handmade, handcrafted, custom knives and cutlery. Hunting Knives. Fishing Knives. Kitchen & Cooking Knives. Folding Lockblade Knives. Stainless Blades. Hunting Blades. Collectors Knives. Knife

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Investment Quality ~ Lifetime Warranty ~ Premium Stainless Blades ~ Superb Edge Holding ~ Custom Designs ~  Reasonable Prices

Life is short.  Live it large.  Buy a Skyblade now!

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                       Art with an Edge
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Whitetail Series                                                                      Summit Series

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You have just taken the first step to being the proud owner of a
handmade, custom knife by Todd Orr of Skyblade Knives.  Each 
knife is a beautiful piece of investment-quality art created to last 
a lifetime.

Knife designs crafted for big game hunting, bird hunting, fishing, 
skinning, camping, cooking, dining, collecting and perfect gifts for all

Each Skyblade knife carries a lifetime warranty against 
manufacturers' defects, and is accompanied by a custom, 
leather sheath by Madison Saddlery of Ennis, Montana.

Skyblade offers over fourty models with handle of your choice.

    I purchased my first Skyblade knife in 1993.  I was so impressed by the durability
that I have refused to use any other knife.  As a testimony to the quality of the knives,
one year I used the Bighorn model to field dress 2 caribou, 10 deer, 2 antelope and
1 elk during one hunting season without needing to have the blade sharpened.  Since
then, I have purchased eight more Skyblade knives of different styles for various uses.
If you're looking for an excellent quality knife for hunting, fishing or home use, Skyblade
Knives are the only way to go!      Marc Charnholm ~ Bozeman, Montana


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CUSTOM KNIVES handmade by Todd Orr of SKYBLADE KNIVES in Bozeman, Montana. Handmade, handcrafted, custom knives and cutlery. Hunting Knives. Fishing Knives. Kitchen Knives. Cooking Knives. Folding Lockblade Knives. Stainless Blades. Hunting Blades. Collectors Knives. Knife. Handmade, handcrafted, custom knives and cutlery.  Knife Gifts.  Christmas Gifts.  Birthday Gifts.  Hunt.  Fish.  Hike.  Outdoor.  Outdoor Products.  Outdoor Gear.  Backcountry.  Discount Knives.  Knife Sale.  Inexpensive Knives.  Bozeman.  Todd Orr.  Antler.  Horn.  Wood.  Hardwoods.  Exotic hardwoods.  Mammoth ivory.  Mastadon ivory.  Ivory.  Mammoth tusk.  Steel.  Art.  Custom knives, handmade knives, knives, handcrafted knives, knife, custom knife, handmade knife, Skyblade, Skyblades, skyblade knives, cutlery, custom cutlery, handmade cutlery, blades, art, collectibles, collectors, gifts, outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking, knife art, montana, montana made, investment art, knife sharpening, todd orr, knifemakers, custom made, outdoor products, bladesmiths, folding lock blade knives, knifemaker, knife maker, knife-maker, dagger, knife sheaths, kitchen, steak, cutlery, carving sets, knifemaking, knife-making, knife making, orr, toddorr, bozeman montana, leather sheaths, saddlery, skinner, skinners, cutler, field, for sale, knives for sale, ulu, antler, stag, wood handles, exotic woods, antler handles, micarta, ats34, stainless, stainless steel, stainless steel knives, stainless knives, presents, sports, christmas gifts, birthday gifts, outdoor gear, backcountry, outdoor sports, outside, weapons, cutting, gutting, field dressing, camping products, hunting products, fishing gear, art galleries, art collecting, artists, art dealers, western art, cooking, chopping, sawing, antler art, cribbage boards, antler cribbage boards, antlers, elk antler, deer antler, moose antler, horn, ivory, knife repair, art gifts, antler gifts, fathers day gifts, mothers day gifts, wedding gifts, graduation gifts, anniversary gifts, fixed blade, edge holding, sharp, sharpening, nife, nives, good knives, lifetime warranty, lifetime guarantee, best, quality, durable, cheap, inexpensive, wholesale, retail, discount, knife dealer, knife builder, knife master, knife shows.