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Ok.  I really don't know the facts.  But here's my best guess and opinions.  You may not agree.
Bozeman is a fast-growing community sprawled across the east edge of the Gallatin Valley.  The Bridger
Mountains loom up on the northeast, the Gallatin and Madison Ranges lie close to the south, and the
Tobacco Roots can be seen about 30 miles to the west.  Over the hill to the east, you'll find the Crazy Mountains and Absaroka/Beartooth Wilderness. 
Numerous streams flow from the surrounding mountains into the Gallatin River, just west of Bozeman.
25 miles to the west, you'll find the Madison River.  East to the Yellowstone River.
Bozeman is home to about 35,000 + people. ( I'm guessing here).  About 12,000 of these are students
at Montana State University.  GO BOBCATS! 
(Yes, I know... The U of M Grizzlys play better football.)
The town seems to be struggling between keeping the small mom-pop businesses and letting in the bigger 
box-stores.  There seems to be a nice combination now.  You can find most anything you need somewhere 
in Bozeman or the surrounding area.
Lots of motels, some great restaurants and lounges, a reasonable airport and wonderful people.
Families, students, ski-bums, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, retired couples, millionaires, environmental
activists and everything in-between can be found in the Bozeman area.  Overall - some really friendly
and fun people looking to enjoy what Montana has to offer.
Housing is expensive.  Rent is high.  Jobs are difficult to find at times and rarely pay you what you're worth.
But we like it here anyway.
    Airport   Gallatin Field (Belgrade, MT)
    Where to stay
    Motels  -  Wingate Inn    (406) 582-4995    Comfort Inn    587-2322    Best Western Grantree Inn    587-5261
                 Bozeman Inn    587-3176    Ramada Limited    585-2626    Hampton Inn   522-8000
                        C'mon Inn   587-3555     Hilton Garden Inn   582-9900     Gallatin  Gateway Inn    763-4672 
    Bed & Breakfasts  -  Big Easy Lodge (Big Sky)    995-7000   $$$     Lindley House Bed and Breakfast    587-8403
                              Bridger Inn    586-6666    Cottonwood Inn    763-5452    Gallatin River Lodge    388-0148
                              Silver Forest Inn    586-1882    Wildflower Guest House    586-6610    Voss Inn    587-0982
    Campgrounds  - Bozeman KOA    587-3030    Sunrise Campground    587-4797    Castle Rock Inn    763-4243   
    Forest Service Campgrounds  -  Langhor ( Hyalite Canyon)    Hyalite Reservoir    Spanish Creek    Squaw Creek
                                           Greek Creek    Swan Creek    Moose Creek
    Where to eat and drink
    Restaurants  -  Oasis ( Manhattan)    284-6929    Bistro    587-4100    
                 Mint (Belgrade)    388-1100     Ferraros    587-2555    Gallatin River Lodge    388-0148
                 Land Of Magic (Logan)    284-3794    Cateye Cafe    587-8844    Johnny Carinos    556-1332    
                 Baxter    586-1314    Montana Ale Works    587-7700    Sante Fe Reds    587-5838
                 Columbos Pizza    587-5544    MacKenzie River Pizza    587-0055    La Parilla    582-9511
                 Cafe Zydeco 994-0188     The Bay   587-0484     Gourmet Gas Station   763-4564 
                          Famous Daves BBQ   586-0597     Old Chicago   587-9404   Buffalo Wing Wings   922-9464
                          Korner Club   587-8874  
    Lounges/bars  -  MT Ale Works, Cats Paw, Mixers, Sante Fe Reds, Crystal, Korner Club, 317,
                         Pourhouse, Cannery, Gran Tree Club

    Entertainment - Equinox Theatre (comedy)  587-0737     Gallatin Mall Cinemas   586-7469
                         Dial a movie - Bozeman Theatres   586-9506

    Local Sporting Goods Stores - Wholesale Sports   548-0000     Bob Wards   586-4381
                         Northern Lights   586-2225     Barrel Mountaineering   582-1335     Powder Horn   587-7373
                         Chalet Sports   587-4595   Round House  587-1258     Yellowstone Gateway sports   586-2076

    Real Estate - ERA Landmark   Sue Frey  586-1321

    Outdoor activities - It's all here!

    Weather - Sunshine 90% of the year, with an occasional day or two of clouds, rain, sleet, snow or wind thrown in.

                 But remember it can change at any moment around here, so be prepared.  Cool in the spring and fall.  
                 Warm to almost hot in the summer.  Cold in the winter.
    The Best Homemade Confections and Chocolates in Bozeman
- Mamas' Sweets   587-2060


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Investment Quality ~ Lifetime Warranty ~ Premium Stainless Blades ~ Superb Edge Holding ~ Custom Designs ~  Reasonable Prices

Life is short.  Live it large.  Buy a Skyblade now!