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Investment Quality ~ Lifetime Warranty ~ Premium Stainless Blades ~ Superb Edge Holding ~ Custom Designs ~  Reasonable Prices

Life is short.  Live it large.  Buy a Skyblade now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your knives come with a warranty?
All Skyblade Knives are protected with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's 
defects.  This warranty does not cover damage to the knife caused by misuse, 
abuse, tampering, or attempted repair by an unauthorized person. Skyblade Knives 
makes all warranty coverage decisions.

Why should I choose Skyblade over other knives?
There are many reasons. Skyblade Knives are much less expensive than many of the 
custom knives on the market.   However, each is still hand-made from the finest 
materials, with satisfaction in mind. You are purchasing a one-of-a-kind, custom-
made knife, with superior craftsmanship and a lifetime warranty.  A personalized
investment in art, quality and beauty.  Do you appreciate personalized service?

This is a one-man-show.  When you call or email with questions or an order, you 
talk to me and only me.  I do the ordering, the knifemaking, and the shipping.

How long will it take to receive my knife after I order?
Delivery time for hand-made knives may vary according to individual specifications,
inventory on hand, and backlog of orders.  An acknowledgment email with expected 
shipping date will be sent upon receipt of your order, if requested, or email for 
availability.  Delivery time on a custom order has been about 2-3 months in the past, 
however, I suggest that you order well in advance.  Order early for Christmas too!  

How do I decide which knife is best for my needs?
For most, personal preference is the deciding factor.  Do you prefer a large knife, a 
small knife or something in-between?  A longer blade will cut deeper than a shorter 
blade, or offer more leverage and cutting power.  However, a shorter blade may be 
handier for more delicate work, and easier and lighter to carry.  If you choose to cut
through tougher materials, a thicker blade will be stronger and heavier.  A thinner 
blade will slice cleaner and take a sharper edge. For skinning, choose a blade with 
more belly, or curved upsweep toward the tip of the blade. I will be happy to help 
you choose the correct style and size of knife for your needs. Please just ask.

Do the knives come with a protective sheath?
Each Skyblade Knives is accompanied by a custom, leather sheath made by Madison
Saddlery in Ennis, Montana.

What kind of handles are available for my knife?
A variety of hardwoods are available as handle material.  In stock are Madison Maple 
(limited to small handles only), Giant Redwood burl , Lacewood, Ironwood, Cocobolo, 
Curly Koa, Afzelia, Ebony, Black Walnut, Osage, and Vermillion.  Others available 
upon request.  A laminated and colored hardwood known as Dymondwood, is 
of color combinations.  Many colors of the  man-made composites, Micarta and G10, 
are also available and have out-standing  durability.  Antler, horn and bone are also 
available.  Looking for something unique?  I have a limited supply of Mammoth 
Tusk Ivory able to fit smaller handled knives.

Email or call and we can discuss the differences in the handle choices and choose one
to fit your needs or taste.

How do I sharpen my knife?
There are many ways to sharpen a knife.  The easiest is to send it back to me for 
sharpening.  I sharpen Skyblade knives for free and other knives for $3 a blade plus 
shipping.  Otherwise, touch up your knife with a fine stone, ceramic or steel when it 
starts to lose the hair shaving edge.  If you allow it to become  dull, you'll need a 
course and fine stone.  Keep the angle the same with every stroke of the blade.  This
is the biggest mistake most people make.  Lansky and others make a knife sharpener 
that holds the knife and stone in a jig for proper sharpening angle every time.
Beware of some of the cheap V shaped sharpeners!  They can trash the edge.

Do you sell your knives outside of your website?
Not at this time.  I recently pulled my inventory from
the Art Galleries and Sporting
Goods stores to keep up with the demand from custom orders and the internet. 
or call to
place your order.  


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Investment Quality ~ Lifetime Warranty ~ Premium Stainless Blades ~ Superb Edge Holding ~ Custom Designs ~  Reasonable Prices

Life is short.  Live it large.  Buy a Skyblade now!