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Day hikes around Bozeman

The "M".  Northeast of Bozeman a couple miles.  Nicely maintained trails.  Easy to moderate difficulty.
        Duration 15 to 60 minutes.  Great view of Bozeman and Gallatin valley.  Non motorized.
    "Above the M".  A trail continues above the "M" and follows Bridger Ridge for over 20 miles.
        Baldy Peak is about 5 miles above the M.  Continue on to Saddle, Bridger, Ross, and Sacajawea Peaks.
    "Sourdough Trail".  Trail follows Bozeman Creek south of Bozeman along South 3rd St.
    " Bozeman Creek Trail".  South of Bozeman about 5 miles.  Popular trail for hiking, biking and skiing. 
        Trails leads to Mystic Lake at about 8 miles.  Easy difficulty.  Expect company.  Non motorized.
    "Sypes Canyon Trail".  5 miles NE of Bozeman along west side of Bridger Mountains.  Trailhead in a
        residential subdivision.  Trail connects to the Bridger Foothills Trail and the "M".  Easy to moderate
        difficulty.  Non-motorized.
    "Cottonwood Creek Trail".  North of Sypes Canyon a couple miles.  Trail heads east into the Bridgers
        and connects with the Bridger Foothills Trail.
    "Truman Gulch Trail".  North of Cottonwood about 4 miles.  Connects to Bridger Foothills Trail.
    "Corbly Canyon Trail".  North of Truman about 3 miles.  Connects to Bridger Foothills Trail.  
    "Brackett Creek Trail".  East side of the Bridgers past Bridger Bowl Ski Resort.  Old logging roads and
        trails lead westward toward Ross Pass.
    "Sacajawea Peak Trail".  North of Brackett Creek near Fairy Lake.  Trail climbs to top of Sacajawea Peak
        in less than 3 miles.  Sacajawea Peak is the highest point in the Bridger Mountains.  A fantastic view of
        the entire Gallatin Valley.  Expect wind.  Moderate difficulty.
    "Mount Blackmore Trail".  Drive about 15 miles south of Bozeman up Hyalite Canyon.  Trailhead located
        at the reservoir and winds to the south about 4 or 5 miles to the top of Mount Blackmore.  Non-motorized.
    "South Cottonwood Trail".  About 7 miles south of Bozeman.  Trail follows the creek to the south for
        about 10 or 12 miles.  You can connect with the Mount Blackmore Trail.  Beautiful canyon and peaks.
    "Palisade Falls Trail".  Drive past Hyalite reservoir and turn left to trailhead.  Easy paved trail to the falls.  Handicapped
        accessible.   Non-motorized. 
    "Emerald and Heather Lake Trail".  Drive past Palisade Falls Trailhead 2 miles.  Trail winds to the southeast
        about 6 or 7 miles to Emerald and Heather Lakes.  Incredible views of 10,000 foot peaks on all sides.
        Great fishing for Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Grayling.
    "Hyalite Peak Trail".  Drive past Hyalite Reservoir and stay right past Palisade Falls turn.  3 miles to trailhead.
        Trail heads south along Hyalite Creek and a half-dozen beautiful water falls.  Continue to Hyalite Peak about
        6 or 7 miles up.  More spectacular views of 10,000 foot rocky peaks.  This trail begins the northernmost
        section of the Gallatin Crest Trail.  One of my favorite areas!
    "Storm Castle Trail".  Drive up the Gallatin Canyon (US191) and turn left up Squaw Creek.  Continue
        about 2 or 3 miles to trailhead.  Trail is a steep 2 mile climb to the north to the top of Castle Rock.
    "Spanish Creek Trailhead".  Near the mouth of the Gallatin Canyon (US191) turn west up Spanish Creek.
        About 8 beautiful miles through the Flying D ranch to the trailhead.  Keep your eyes open for elk and
        bison.  Trails heads south along Spanish Creek then to numerous high-mountain lakes.  An easy hike
        along the creek but eventually steepens and climbs to the lakes.  Beautiful wilderness area.
OK.  I need a breather.  More hikes added later.

Backpack Trips in the Gallatin Canyon
Most of the day-hikes above can be extended into overnight backpacking trips.
    The Spanish Peaks and Madison Range offer numerous trailheads with spectacular scenery and hundreds of miles
    of trails.
    The Gallatin Range also offers many trails and a number of gravel roads reaching back into the canyons
         for some great car-camping too.

The Madison Valley
I grew up in Ennis within the Madison Valley, so I have a ton of outdoor info on that area too.  Send me an email
    with your questions.

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