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This page has a few misc. photos I wanted to share.


toddbull.jpg (51698 bytes)    todd_silver_salmon.jpg (65918 bytes)
Elk Season 2008                                                                         Valdez Alaska silver. 2007

    crawford_carving2_2_03.jpg (135857 bytes)
A good year for pistol hunting.                                             Crawford, you showoff!  2006

Chris_Crystal_cave2_resize.jpg (58843 bytes)   joe_fish_1.jpg (95448 bytes)
Chris leading the way.  Crystal Cave 2007                                           Nice fish, Joe.  2008

Denali_sunset2_resize.jpg (46542 bytes)    todd_jump_carrotbasin_4_03resize_fix.jpg (107542 bytes)
Denali sunset. 2007                                                                               Launch!            

dead_elk_resize.jpg (79712 bytes)   
Trapped, unfortunate elk. 2008                                                                            Hebgen Lake Surf Crew, 2012.

Kilawea_volcano_lava_crack.jpg (159496 bytes)   
Workday with my brother.  Kilawea Volcano. 2003                       My first pistol buck. 1990

wheelie2_resize.jpg (64691 bytes)    jojo.jpg (76679 bytes)
Winter wonderland wheelie. 2006                                                        The late JoJo 

todd_tailspin_07_resize.jpg (95964 bytes)    steve_stuck_resize.jpg (84708 bytes)
Todd in a tailspin. 2007                                                                    Hey Steve!  The trail's this way!

honda_crazy_fall_ride_resize.jpg (183841 bytes)
    joe_april_buck_lake_resize.jpg (692039 bytes)
Crazy Mtn snow ride. 2006                                                         April & Joe.  My surfin' buddies. 2008

lunch_break_resize.jpg (164625 bytes)    my_crazy_brother_at_work.jpg (90499 bytes)
Lunch break.  Wake up Zabel!                                             My crazy brother at work on the volcano.

   cornice_drop_300resize.jpg (43751 bytes)
Hebgen Lake surf day.  2012                                                       AM I NUTS!?

Todd_rainbow2_resize.jpg (139941 bytes)   todd_dave_rootglacier_resize.jpg (82516 bytes)
Alaskan rainbow. 2007                                                                Root Glacier, AK with my buddy Dave. 2007

honda_crash_switchback1_resize.jpg (165425 bytes)    todd_fish1_resize.jpg (109354 bytes)
Oops!                                                                                                Rainbow trout heaven. 2008

wheelie_resize.jpg (88477 bytes)
    todd_elk_07_resize.jpg (132430 bytes)
Fresh Pow! 2006                                                                                My 19th with a pistol.  2007

Bow season rocks!                                                        "He was THIS big, son!"  My Dad.. 

oops_matt_resize.jpg (63881 bytes)     powder_wheelie_resize.jpg (76238 bytes)
Give it up, Matt.  You're stuck!   2007                                                        YEA!

todd_sunset_over_denali.jpg (50314 bytes)     todd_surfing1_resize.jpg (95755 bytes)
Denali Sunset  2007                                                                    Todd on Ennis Lake 2008


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Life is short.  Live it large.  Buy a Skyblade now!