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Todd.  Got the knife today.  You really build a beautiful knife.  I have probably purchased 
around 35 knives over the past 12-15 months.  Sometimes on ebay the pictures of other makers
knives that I bought made them look better than when I received them in person.  When I unwrapped 
yours, it was just the opposite.  The pictures didn't due the knife justice.  The craftsmanship is 
unmatched and the knife is truly a piece of art, but I can't wait to skin my first deer with it.  
I will be purchasing a knife for my father in the real near future from you and many more for 
myself.  Keep up the great work.  Sincerely,  Cecil M

Todd.  Looks like I will need another Mink as my son has got it and will not give it back. ha ha. 
He asked me to tell you that the mink is the best knife he has ever used to dress out deer. 
There is no telling how many he has dressed in his 30 plus years of hunting, but itís well over a 
hundred plus others he has dressed out for members of our hunting club. We took two this past 
weekend and the Mink and the whitetail 3 were used to dress them out.  We both have Randalls 
but the Mink puts them to shame! My son believes you need to market the Mink in other places 
other then just ebay.  Itís that good of a knife!  Have a Merry Christmas.  Danny  


Thanks, Todd!  This gives me even more appreciation for what's behind the art.  I've looked at 
lots of knives on the internet and even have another custom knife I bought before I found 
Skyblade, yet your quality and artistry can't be beat. The knife's simple lines, and uncomplicated 
beauty are really appealing.  Some other knives Iíve seen look far too adorned and exotic that 
they're overdone.  Yours have a clean and natural appeal to them that moves the user to linger 
and stare in admiration.  Thanks again, Todd.  Jim

Todd.  I can't believe it!  The knife is beautiful.  Truly a special gift for a special occasion.  
Thanks so much.    Bob

EVERY knife is a WORK OF ART and the maker is great to deal with!    Deb

Todd.  We had our family Christmas party last night and my husband's brother and nephews 
loved their knives. thank you so much. Sandra

Todd.  Thanks for taking care of my buddy.  His girlfriend Cindy just ordered an Eagle from you 
today. Her boyfriend saw my Goshawk while I was in Texas last week on a deer and quail hunt. 
He fell in love with the useability and quality of your knife.  Thanks again for getting one sent 
out in short order.  Tom.  Pittsburgh

Nobody does it better!  Great Knife!    Dan

Todd.  Another great knife from one of the best.  I have one Randall but I think yours are better 
in my book. Hope to get another one soon.   Keep up the great work.    Dan 

I am speechless.  You are a total craftsman, producing the best quality custom made knives I 
have ever put in my hand. The set you made for me is superb in every way. I am totally 
delighted, and will look forward to seeing your new designs.   Thank you for your fast service 
and superior workmanship.   

Flipping cool!  Love it!  Worth every cent + a warranty!  Flipping cool!    William

Todd.  My son asked me to email and let you know that of all the knives he has used to dress 
out a deer ( he has killed well over a hundred ) that he never had a knife that dressed out a deer 
like the Mink with the thumb grooves . The little Mink dressed out 4 deer today.  Hope you have 
some luck with your elk hunting.    Danny 

Todd.  Thanks very much for your care in shipping and the extra attention... What can I say 
other than ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!  I love the wood. You are truly a credit to your craft.  
Unfortunately, I can already see that I must have just 1 more.  Thanks again,    John

These are works of art.  Fantastic price!    John

Todd , Canít thank you enough.  I know how busy you have been.  My son is tickled to death 
over them.  He came by after work for a couple of hours and he held the knife the entire time.  
Thanks again for a job well done.    Dan 

I am impressed with your quality and attention to detail. This one really caught my eye. It is art.  
I am eager to show it off to my friends.  Only one problem Ė one is not enough!  Iíll be back!!

I collect custom knives.  Skyblade is excellent quality and craft.   Absolutely beautiful.  Best 
deal ever.  I'll be back.  Jon

Todd.  Got my Summit X Skinner, and Man, what a knife. She's very well balanced with a big 
old thick blade and nice Cocobolo scales. The finish on this knife is second to none and the 
sheath is first rate. I've found a new blade smith and I'll be spreading the word.  Thanks.  Bill W.   

Always the best quality.  Superior  and exceptional craftsmanship.  You will not go wrong here.   
Eight knives in two years - a collectors dream.     Faron

birddogmct here. Good hearing from you. I'd like to get another one of your knives. When one 
thinks of quality, it has to be a Skyblade.  Here in Fla we are somewhat blessed with Knife 
makers. We had the Fla guild meeting a while back. I met a gent called Hoot Gibson. From 
what I understand he's suppose to be ranked #3 knife maker in the world??  I really don't think 
his work has anything on you.  His are good, but yours are really good!  Wish I had the money 
to be buying more of yours. Regards. Lonnie

Todd.  Man, what a knife!  Well balanced and finished to a T.  A true piece of art.    Bill

Todd:  I received the knife set, and I want to tell you something you have heard before:  WOW!  
They are so much better when you actually get them in your hand.  Smooth, sleek, balanced, 
beautiful, the hand of the knives is amazing.  I am so very impressed at the craftsmanship and 
quality of these knives.  Todd, you are really a superb knife-maker.  Thank you, I will be talking 
soon, detailing a custom set with you.  Jim

Todd.  I received the Whitetail 3 knife today and it is just great. The thumb grooves are just what 
I wanted. They are absolutely great. They made the knife not just a good knife, but a great knife. 
I hope you put them on all of your hunting knives in the future. Thanks again for a great all 
around hunting knife. The Mink with the thumb grooves dressed out its 5th deer of the season 
this past weekend. It is a great knife for dressing out a deer. Keep up the good work.  Danny

Beautiful knife. Excellent craftsmanship. Very professional product and seller.    Mike

Hi Todd.  Another wonderfully crafted piece. It's certainly one unique and solid looking knife, 
pretty much exactly what I had in mind.  Thank you!  Regards,  Greg

Todd.  Received the knife today.  It's beautiful... you do awesome work. Thanks.  Chuck  

Todd.  If you have a day job - quit.  Make more knives!    Grant

Got the Yellowstone.  A sweet knife. The redwood handle is super. Thanks and keep up the 
good work. Marvin

Beautiful knife.  Museum quality.  Todd is the number 1 knifemaker in the world.     David

Hi Todd!  My husband received the knife in the mail yesterday.  We were both impressed by its 
beauty!  Thank you so much.  My husband is going to treasure it.  Sincerely,  Denise   

Own 7+ pieces, Art & Funtion combined, a favored seller. Best of the Best!!!!!   Daniel

Todd.  Really looking forward in getting this knife as I think itís the one Iíve been looking for, 
for years.  You will get a kick out of this; I was sitting in my den watching a movie the other 
night and at the same time was wiping my knives down with a silicon cloth before I put them 
back in one of Dale Dorris` display cases. To make it short I had the whitetail model in my hand 
and wasnít paying attention to what I was doing and dropped it ,it stuck very nicely 
(about 1 Ĺ inches) in my upper leg and I wound up in the ER getting a bunch of stitches.  
Thatís what happens when you play around with a good knife . Doctor got a kick out of it.  
So if you ever need someone to testify as to the balance and sharpness of your knives I sure 
can do that. You should post a warning with your knives to keep out of the hands of children, 
drunks and dummies ( I fall into that one ).  Take care.  Danny  

A real artist, a real super person to deal with and an excellent knife, Thanks!!    Philip

Hi Todd.  The Madison 5 arrived today. SUPERB KNIFE!  Thanks for this very nice and colored 
handle that makes this knife so original and uncommon.  Thanks for all.  Best regards.  Gilles

Todd.  I was earlier going to email you and see if you received my check, and if the knife had 
shipped yet. Then the mailman came with a package from you. Talk about Christmas in August!  
This knife is an absolute work or art, and I couldnít be more impressed with the craftsmanship 
and functional design. Even the sheath is beautiful, and a nice, snug fit.  I will also be happy to 
spread the word about Skyblade knives to all my outdoorsman and industry friends. Now, I just 
hope that I get a chance to use it this fall.  Again Todd, thanks for accommodating my sudden 
need for a great knife, and the speed in which you got it too me.  All the best,  Erik J.  

Todd , as usual great knife and outstanding workmanship A++++    Danny

Received the Talus knife today and already thinking about my next SKYBLADE knife for the 
near future. I also have a Moose 5 so am thinking about a folding knife for next time. Everyone 
here at work is VERY impressed with the knife I received today.  Thanks!

Oh, Todd ... you are SUCH a bad man!!!  This knife is wonderful ... pretty to look at, sharper 
than anything Iíve felt in a long, LONG while (except the Mink model I got from you earlier this 
week), balanced just right, feels
great in the hand and has some real weight to it.  I just hate a 
wimpy knife!!  Waiting until you finish the new custom design we've discussed is going to be 
doubly hard now and it's just 'killing' me that my boyfriend won't get to drool over these 
beauties until he gets back from the Middle East.  And to think, Iím going to get all the rewards 
for your hard work!! (giggles) :)  Thanks and keep the goodies coming.  Mary  

Thanks Todd. This is my ninth skyblade and it's great as always.   Curt

Todd. Oops, was so excited I hit the send button before I finished typingÖwhere did I leave off. 
Oh yeah, At any rate, this Tulipwood Madison 4 knife is absolutely gorgeous.  I havenít seen or 
felt one like it, period.  You have a tremendously great talent and skill.  Canít wait to see the 
others I special ordered.  I will quit my job if you teach me.  We can possibly make a reality tv 
show about it.  Maybe call it ĎThe Apprentice: Big Sky Styleí.  Anyway, your skill has intrigued 
me very much.  I think you have definitely cracked the code for knife making.  I can only
imagine having such a talent.  Thank you Obi-Wan. 
Chris W.

Todd.  I got back into town last night and the knife was on my door step. Thank you for shipping 
it so quickly. I must say it is better than I could have imagined. I have been eyeing your website 
for over a year trying to decide what I wanted and was going back and forth between a few. 
This knife is absolutely beautiful and will not be my last Skyblade Knife. Thank you much.  Jake

Got the knife today. WoW! It is truly something to be proud of. Thanks. A+    Daren

Hi Todd. I am finally back at work digging out from mail and phone calls.  What do I find on my 
desk - a package from you containing a beautiful moose skinner!  This one is really great!  Last 
night, pulled out all three matching knives - what a set.  The really match very well.  Cannot
wait to get them in action this fall.  Beautiful rugged artistic cutlery!  Thanks for the custom 
work!!!  Thanks again, Matt  

Todd Orr has cracked all of "the codes" for custom-professional knife making.    Chris

The knife came yesterday.  WOW!  These are too nice to use.  I'll be very proud to carry and 
show it off.  What an edge!  You are a true craftsman.  Very glad I found SKYBLADE KNIVES.  
Thanks again.  DAN  

A well made knife that anyone would be proud to own. A++++    Danny

Todd.  This is Andy D. I am one of 4 Pistoles that you made knives for. Just wanted to tell you 
what a great job you did and what a fantastic knife we have.  Here in Texas, it is perfectly OK 
for me walk around with my knife fully open bragging about it to everyone I see.  All are 
impressed.  It's so nice that I may be uncomfortable using it for the first time but I guess I will
jump that hurdle when the time comes.  Wish you made shotguns.  Andy

Beautiful knife, fits quality sheath like a glove. Strong, usable ART!! Thanks!    Deb

Todd, I was amazed when I saw this incredible knife you've made for Dave.  He is going to 
absolutely love it!  Naturally, the VERY FIRST THING I did was to take a tissue to wipe where 
I touched the blade and slice my finger.  Wow!  Talk about sharp to a razor's edge.  The razor's 
edge has nothing on this blade!  The handles are gorgeous!!!!  When he sees those handles he 
will probably cry.  I cannot believe the file work you went to all that trouble to create.  It is all 
truly awesome!  What a beautiful knife.  Thank you so much.  The sheath is beautiful, also.  
He will love it!!!  I am truly amazed at what you've done in such a short amount of time.  Dave 
is going to be on a quest to have this knife on the cover of Blade.  It sure deserves it (actually 
you're the one who deserves it)!  Todd, you've made this Christmas very special.  I can't thank 
you enough for everything.  We have and will continue to tell everyone about you and the kind 
of outstanding work you do.  God Bless you this Christmas and always, Todd.  With much 
admiration and gratitude. Your friend, Sherry  

Outstanding knife A great knife for the outdoorsman A+++    Danny

Oh wow!!  The first thing i saw when I opened the box and unwrapped the knife was the 
beautifully tooled sheath - it's a work of art in itself!  I noticed the craftsmen at Madison Saddlery 
even curved the belt loop to match the curve of the knife handle ... very nice attention to detail.  
I think you may be right - brown shows off the tooling of the leather - black wouldn't be nearly as 
nice, in this case.  The ebony handle of the knife with its silver mosaic pins just begs to be 
gripped.  Did you happen to see that on one side of the handle, there is a pattern in the wood 
that looks like an eagle's wing open in flight?   

Very professional businessman combined with outstanding artisan abilities.    Kent

I unsnapped the sheath and drew it forth.  Heavy but comfortable with a guard that cradles your 
hand ... and the blade!  Todd, it's absolutely lovely.  The length is perfect - I am soooooo glad 
you decided to go longer on the blade.  Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put 
into acquiring just the right steel with which to make it.  I can't wait until I can present it to its 
namesake; I believe David will love it as much as I do.  Mary

You did a great job.  I showed the Steele Eagle to a gentleman in my office. He was floored!  
He said it's gorgeous, has a comfortable feel, fits his hand really well, and that it's so heavy 
(it weighed in on the shipping scale at 1 pound, 15 oz.) that it's more like holding the grip of a 
gun than a knife.  He loved the look and compared it to that huge Bowie that Crocodile Dundee 
waved at the punks in the film (Now, THAT'S a knife!).   

Outstanding knife.  Your knives are the best kept secert in the knife world A+++++    Dannis

Wiley handed out the matched folding knives that you made.  The are beautiful.  We all wore 
them on our belts for the rest of the evening.  Thanks so much for putting them together.  I have 
never seen a folder like these.  Ed

Todd.  I'm Jim S, the youngest of the S. brothers.  Wanted to let you know how much I like the 
knives you did for us.  They are awesome in craftsmanship and in artwork.  This is my second 
Skyblade and I am extremely happy with both.  My passion is big game hunting, and this year 
I have a Dall Sheep, Desert Sheep, and two mule deer hunts planned.  I hope I get a lot of 
blood on that knife.  Thanks again Todd for creating such a special knife for our family.  Jim  

Outstanding; a well made knife; true hunters knife.  not just for show as many others are.    D

Hi Todd.  Just a quick thank you for our Eagle folders which we have recently received. Both 
of us  are very pleased and are already considering our next purchase.  It has been a pleasure 
dealing with you.  Kind regards. John and Jon.

This knife ROCKS!    Fred

Hi Todd.  Just wanted to thank you for another awesome knife.  It is as beautiful as I expected.  
Much  Mahalo's.  John

Hey, Todd, got my knife today, and it is sweet! One of the best buys I have made. Many thanks 
for the fast service and your super craftsmanship!  Ben

Today my Bobcat arrived. I cut myself twice in the first two minutes of ownership. I felt the 
need to rub the blade with a soft cloth, well the rest is history and two band aids. Wow is it 
sharp. It is so wonderful Todd I don't want to use it! I was and still am stunned at how 
beautiful it is. The feel and balance of the Bobcat are second to no knife in the world. You are 
truly a master knifemaker. The talent and love you put into each blade is a testimony to your 
own character. I am a new customer but I assure you. I will be a repeat customer.  The custom 
engraving you did for us Psalm 139 is stunning.  The fact that you refused to take a penny more 
for your labors is another testimony to your true nature.  The SKYBLADE is in a class by itself 
and you have earned my respect and admiration.  God Bless.  David and Sherry

Hi Todd.  The knife arrived today. It's perfect. This summit hunter model looks great and is very 
well balanced in the hand. Thanks for this fantastic piece of art work.  Gilles  

The best skinning knife that I`ve ever owned A+++.   Danny

Todd.  The knife came today.  Beautiful job, itís exactly what I wanted.  Couldnít be happierÖ

I already had a couple guys looking at it real close at work.  Iíll be showing it off, so I hope I 
get you some more business.  Iíve got this baaaad feeling that one just isnít enough for me 
eitherÖ  Thanks for everything.  Dennis

Todd, when I first laid eyes on the Madison 4 I knew at once I had to have it.  I immediately 
thought about our upcoming trip for a week long journey into nature. This knife was God sent. 
I was worried as the other bidders kept the price climbing higher and higher out of our reach. 
But finally I gave it up to the Lord and bid $190.00.   All we could EVER come up with financially. 
I am so pleased it seems to be working out. We will see in about 19 hours.  David and Sherry.

Received it today.  It looks great, I am very happy with the quality and workmanship. 
No wonder to was difficult to out bid the others.  Thanks for everything, AJ

Hello Todd. I received my knife today (a Bison 4 RWB no 066) It is so beautiful that i got little 
tears in my eyes.  I made you that order cause I want something special for my 40th Birthday.  
Words are missing for describe the beauty and quality of the knife.  I got several other valuable 
knives, but no one came close to this one.
  When I got it in my hand I feel that this knife have a 
soul and represent respect.  Thank you very much for making a wonderful piece of art.  I will try 
to send you picture this autumn of the knife in action on my Hunting expedition.  Gilbert

Todd.  I have so many of your knives now, I donít think Iíll ever be able to give them all away, 
much less use them all.  I gave one of those summit hunters to my 13 year old son when we 
went whitetail hunting in West Texas.  He field dressed an eight point whitetail buck and a doe, 
as well as a pretty good Axis buck.  (I helped him a little with my summit skinner.)  The knives 
worked great.  Feels good, handles good.  Really sharp, and stay that way.  GARY

Hi Todd:  Now as for the Moose knife - THANK YOU for the sheath that fits well and looks great.  
That is now the best looking knife on earth.  That will be my first-line knife for every deer hunt - 
and hopefully moose, elk, and caribou too if some long-range plans fall into place.  That knife 
is incredibly beautiful - a true functional work of art.  I have not yet shown my son - I will just 
use it for something when he is around and watch his eyes light up.  He was drooling over the 
wolverine skinner.  Thanks again and best wishes, Matt

Todd.  They arrived today.  In a word:  "Wow!".  These are better than I had expected (and I 
expected a lot)!  The fit and finish is perfect and they all feel just right somehow.  I can't wait 
to do more business with you!  Harry

Recieved my knife this morning and it is a BEAUTIFUL AND USEFULL WORK OF ART.  Thanks 
for the extra effort concerning my address mixup from ebay.  It has been a pleasure.  James S

Todd.  Your knives perform very well dressing deer.  Sharp as a razor, maybe sharper.  GARY 

Todd.  Just wanted to share the thank you note I received from my nephew Jon.  Wiley. -----   
(Uncle Wylie and Aunt Lynn,  I wanted to thank you for the amazing knife that you gave me for 
graduation. I have never seen anything like it.  The craftsmanship is outstanding, the edge is 
razor sharp, and the design is actually very functional despite its beautiful,
appearance.  It's so rare these days for something to be beautiful, well made, and completely 
functional. While I would not want to actually dirty it up field dressing an animal, I have 
complete confidence that it is well suited for it.  I can't believe the Pistolies are stalling on 
investing in pieces made by this excellent craftsman.  Thank you again.  Jonathan
.   PS. Feel 
free to quote any part of this letter the next time the knives come up in conversation.

Hey Todd.  The above item arrived this date.  I must say your knives are superb. This past 
Sunday the Gator Guild held their yearly show. Some really nice knives, but wouldn't trade 
one of your knives for any one of them.  Regards. Lonnie

Todd.  I received my new Summit Hunter with the dropped point and cocobolo handle the 
other day.  I really like it a lot.  Like all your knives, the craftsmanship is excellent.  I donít 
know how many of your knives I have bought, but everyone that I have given one to thinks 
they are great.  Best regards,  GARY

Happy New Year to you.  I recently purchased one of your large Kestrel folders in Phoenix.  
I just wanted to say that this is one of the nicest folders that I have seen. It has the Madison 
Maple scales. That makes four knives and a carving set, that I have with the Madison Maple. 
Very tight.  My best regards, Dan

Todd.  Yup, the knife was amazing. Totally pleased.  I've been handing your cards out to some 
moose hunting friends. Hope they do the smart thing and look you up.  Thanks again,  Greg

Hi Todd.  Just wanted to make sure you knew that I did receive the customized 4" Bison you 
had been working on, and in a nutshell, I'm absolutely thrilled. It's asthetically stunning, 
technically flawless, and has that something extra that makes it's truly special and unique.  
Anyways, just wanted to thank you for such a quality piece of work.  Look forward to working 
on that "Skowie" design when you get the time.  Greg

Hey...Merry Christmas to you too.  Love the knife.  will be ordering one for myself very soon.  
Love how it is so balanced.  Nice work!!  Maggie

Hi Todd.  Received the 4" Bison today, and I must say I'm speechless.  Although i had very 
high expectations for my first knife from you, having now received it, I can only say that it has 
exceeded my expectations in every regard.  I cannot get over how you managed to customize 
the finger guard EXACTLY as I had envisioned (it fits like a glove!), and with only a couple 
feeble sketches from me to work from. The whole knife just exudes quality.... from base 
material to fit to finish to feel to asthetics.  Virtually flawless.  I believe it most likely is the 
|most gorgeous knife I have ever had the pleasure to handle, let alone own.  Look forward to 
working on the next one!  Much thanks for creating something so wonderful that I'll enjoy for 
a lifetime.  Greg

Todd.  I arrived home today to find a package from you. I just wanted to drop you a note and 
let you know that I couldnít be more pleased! Outstanding work! Itíll make a great gift for my 
father.  Thanks again.  Dwain

Hey Todd, The Knife arrived this date. What a beauty, Nothing unusual. Todd's knives are 
always a piece of art.  I've seen the master of art.  Your knives take back seat to no one.  
Thanks.  keep up the great work.  Regards Lonnie


Hi Todd.  The wolverine skinner that you made for me is great.  So far, it has skinned 5 
whitetail deer.  Very nice knife indeed!  I am very glad that you put my name on the blade or 
it would already be gone.  My son tried to take it and then he saw the engraved name. ha! 

Todd, I just finished up deer hunting in  Northern Texas and in Western Pa. I used my 
Summit Hunter that I purchased from you last year to field dress 5 white tails. This knife 
performed like no other knife that I have owned. It holds its edge, it fits great in your hand,
and it looks like a million bucks. I had several people want to see this knife after watching 
me go to work on my deer. My biggest problem was making sure they gave it back to me. 
I like to buy all kinds of new hunting toys, and I can honestly say that your knife has been my 
best purchase in years. Keep up the great work and you can bet I will be back for more.  Tom


Your knives look wonderful.  Someday I can save up to get one.  Keep making them.  
Good Luck and God Bless you. 

Todd.  Today I got my Madison 5 and I've got to say that I love it.  If it is anything like the 
pheasant that I bought from you then this will be a deer butchering blade.  As for the pheasant, 
it has just gutted, and skinned out #3.  It is still very sharp.  I love this little knife.  As a matter of 
fact I have "retired" my other knives as this little one is all I need.  I will however use the 
Madison to butcher the deer in my basement fridge.  Great product and a great deal.  Paul M.

Hi Todd.  I just wanted to let you know that I got a lot of compliments on your knife and the 
sheath.  The bad part is my Dad said you can give that knife to me for Christmas.  So I will be 
looking for another knife as you sell them.  I did get to use your knife to skin a deer and it 
performed perfectly.  It fit my hand just right and it was SHARP!!!!!!.  I would recommend 
your knife to any hunter.   Thanks Robert  

Hi Todd:  I had the new skinner for only two days and it already has seen action.  I skinned 
out a deer and it worked great.  Nice sweeping blade shape.  Good handle shape for various 
grips while skinning.  I have been a hunter and trapper for about 30 years so I have skinned a 
PILE of critters.  This is the nicest shape blade for skinning big game.  Over the next month, 
this knife will skin at least 10 more deer.  Thanks and best wishes, Matt

Hi Todd:  I just received the knife.  Thanks for the speedy service.  Your work is beautiful!  The 
sheath is great too!  Hopefully, will use this knife for skinning this weekend.  best wishes, Matt

Hi Todd - I wanted to let you know how much I like this knife. It's been several months since I 
received it and archery season in Ohio certainly did help initiate the Moose model. On opening 
day I killed a big doe for the freezer and three weeks later I scored on a nice Pope and Young 8 
pt. whitetail. This knife is absolutely awesome to use and feels great wearing it on my belt. Talk 
about a working edge. I haven't seen a knife anywhere that holds an edge like this one. I'll be 
contacting you a bit later to discuss some options on one of the folders. I just wanted to share 
the pics of two very successful hunts thus far this season. Thanks again Todd for such an 
outstanding product.  Rog 

thanks Todd. I love it and I'm sure my father will too!  I will try to get you some more business 
with friends and family that I show off the knife to.

(Dave:  This is a name of a very high quality professional knifemaker. I found him on ebay and 
bought a knife.  His name is Todd Orr and the knives are called Skyblade.  I have bought several 
quality, custom knives. This is the best I have found. As much hunting as you do, and the friends 
you know, you should try one.  Mike)

By the way...the pheasant that I bought for myself is still going strong after gutting out and 
cutting out two deer does. Thanks for making such a great item. Paul

Hi Todd,  Got the Summit Hunter with Brass/cocobolo today, and I am so happy with it.  Perfect.  
That is the only word I have for your construction.  Thanks so much for everything.  It is a damn 
fine blade.  Shoulda been there to see my niece's eyes pop when I shaved a bit of hair off my 
arm with it.  And it matches my other blade perfectly.  Thanks, Patrick 

I just purchased one of your knives over e-bay and received it yesterday.  Very nice knife, and 
I am quite pleased, fine craftsmanship and a nice edge.  Sheldon 

Todd,  This is really a nice looking knife.  I need look no further for a real craftsman.  Lonnie

Todd,  it was my design but it was your skill and craftsmanship that brought it to life.  I see the 
same skill & craftsmanship in the other 3 knives of yours that have come my way.  Kevin

Here in Missouri we cherish our outdoor gear. Your knives are beautiful!  spence

The knife is OUTSTANDING. It looks incredible!   I'm as happy as a clam with hands.  Kevin

WOW............. and if you didn't catch that......WOW!!!!! thatís A KNIFE!-----

Todd,   I bought my first Skyblade knife last year and was absolutely blown away with its 
beautiful design, craftsmanship and functionality in the field. So when I bought my second one 
this year the bar was set pretty high. The new Goshawk that you made for me came last week 
and well Todd you have done it again. This folding knife is fantastic. The Madison maple burl 
handle with a tint of red sets this knife off as a true work of art. It will look great as well as 
function great in the upland game fields of North Texas. You can bet that I will be buying my 
third Skyblade knife real soon. I can't wait to see how you will top my 2 other knifes. Itís hard to 
imagine.  Thanks  again.  Tom  Pittsburgh, PA

Todd,  The knife is a keeper.  Thanks for making me such an awesome knife.  A friend of mine 
who collects knives was dazed and amazed by the knife, especially the handle.  He said he 
never saw burl like that before.  I showed him your web site. Thanks again.  Frank

Thanks, Todd.  You do really nice work from what I can see and I would like to have one of your 
creations in my collection.  Just beautiful craftsmanship.  Thanks for the personal reply, too. Mike

Todd, got the knife today. Excellent!  You were correct.  The picture didn't do it justice.  Larry 

Todd,  The carving set arrived today.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!   This will definately be passed 
down to my son some day and become a family heirloom.  Thanks for the good deal.  Dan

Todd,  I gave the Caribou to my friend yesterday. He is estatic.  First thing he said was 
"Can I use it?" in reference to the finish(polish) and the craftsmanship.  He is VERY happy. 
You are right, I love the feel of the Caribou. It'll be a couple of months.  Thank You.  Kevin

Todd,  I received the Caribou today. I'm very happy. I'm sure my friend will be also. Another 
outstanding knife. I'm looking forward to seeing the Centurion. It does sound like a great color 
combination.  Thank You,  Kevin 

Thanks for the blade.  It is my second of yours, and my only other knife.  I plan to use this one, 
and put my other knife into "collector" retirement on my mantle.  The "yellowstone" and had 
been good to me this year.  Thanks again,  Patrick

Todd.  Just to let you know, my knife arrived.  Fantastic, Thankyou.  Love the Redwood handle 
and the metalwork is awesome. It will be a great piece in my collection.  All the best.  Brent 

Todd,  You do absolutely BEAUTIFUL work. I hope you thrive and prosper.  Be well and safe. Bill

In this wonderful country of good people Iím proud to see that you take so much pride in your 
work. I hope you can be an example to many Americans of the quality we can have from our 
own craftsmen.  I just saw your knives and was compelled to give credit where itís due. You 
keep up the good craftsmanship and let everyone see what made in America means. God bless 
this fine nation and the few craftsmen left in it. 

Knives arrived  in great shape and they look fine.  Thank you for your efforts and talent.  Paul

Todd,  I received the knives today and couldn't be more pleased. Great looking wood and 
designs. They both will be used. Thanks for a fun smooth transaction. Dan 

What a great work of art! Your knives look like they have so much feeling put into them. Iím 
impressed.  I cant wait to get one!       thank you!  Kevin

Todd.  Bought a Moose 4, two years back at the Bozeman Angler and love it. 
You do phenomenal work.  Thanks.  Joshua

Greetings,  I was on vacation last week and it was a real treat to return to the office and find the 
second set of Skyblades on my desk.  The Curly Koa is still my favorite handle material but I am 
very pleased to also have a Madison Maple knife in the collection now. Thanks for doing such a 
great job on these knives.  I will enjoy them for a long time to come.  Ed  

Todd,  Thanks for getting the knife to me so quickly!  I'm going to enjoy using this knife very 
much.  The balance and feel are perfect for what I'll use it for.  The Zebrawood handle is 
stunning, and your fit from handle to bolster is perfect, as are your pins and lanyard hole.  
Very nice.  Thank you.  P.S.  Excellent web-site!   

Todd,  I got the knife yesterday, it's beautiful!!  Bob loves it!  I'm looking forward to the next knife 
in the Summit X series, keep me posted.  Thanks so much,  Linda  

Hi Todd,  I just received the Summit Knife today . . . really beautiful.  The workmanship is superb 
and the stainless steel decorative rivets are a great design given there size . . . really nice.  
Thanks alot for all the work you put into this one.  The wood handle has the type of activity I was 
looking for.  Again, its a beautiful knife and the sheath is the color I like.  
Thanks for your time.... much appreciated . . . Regards, Reuben

Hi Todd,    Knife arrived this morning. It's superb, one of the finest in my collection.  It will be a 
user and not just "left in the case" but I am already impressed with it.  Thanks for getting it to me 
so quickly.  The only bummer was that UK Customs charged me $90 tax !  Ouch.  Such is life - 
I would very much like to get another of your knives at a later date for my hunting buddy. I know 
he will be well jealous when he sees this one.  Thanks again.   Best wishes.  Steve. 

I'd love to have one of every knife you make! Then I'd go broke and would have to call off my 
Alaska trip.  Like I told you before, it's well worth the wait for the knife the I've ordered.  Rog

I just received the other one a couple of days back; looks great.  I first purchased one of your 
knives about eight years ago while vacationing in Bozeman; it was just the small one, but I use 
it for everything-on the job and in the kitchen.  My kids jokingly call it the ďMontana SlasherĒ 
because I make such a big deal about.  I was excited to find you on the web and to find you on
Ebay.  I plan to pick up a couple more so that each of my boys can have one to hang on to for a 
|lifetime.  Keep up the great work.  CO 

Hi Todd.  I wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know that I received my Skyblade; the 
Moose 5 model.  It's a beautiful knife and the fit and finish is superb!  I had planned to use it as a
working knife and probably will but I can see where it could be considered as a piece of art for 
display.  Keep up the great work!  Steve

Todd.  The knives arrived today.  I am absolutely stunned at the beauty of the Koa wood.  
The pictures were great but they didn't even come close.  As soon as I unwrapped the first one, 
I immediately remembered what you said about the 3-D effect.  I had no idea what you meant 
until I saw the knife.  I have played with them for hours in the sunlight and still can't get over the
effect.  Absolutely unbievable!   In a way, its almost a shame that the wood is so stunning because 
it takes attention away from the equally impressive blade work.  These are truly works of art.  I 
couldn't be happier with my purchase.    I'm hooked.  Ed


Received the Moose 5 today! Absolutely beautiful and worth the wait.  What balance! The sheath 
is awesome as well.  Everything I thought it would be. The knife is so nice that I have a hard time 
believing that this will become a working knife for me in the field.  I've waited for years to find a 
knife that has this much character and beauty. Todd, you are an outstanding craftsman and 
bladesmith.  The other knifemakers should mirror what you produce. Thanks again,  Rog 

I purchased my first Skyblade knife in 1993.  I was so impressed by the durability that I have 
refused to use any other knife.  A testimony to the quality of the knives - one year I used the 
Bighorn model to field dress 2 caribou, 10 deer, 2 antelope and 1 elk during one hunting season 
without needing to have the blade sharpened.  I have purchased six more Skyblades of different 
styles for various uses.  If you're looking for an excellent quality knife for hunting, fishing or home 
use, Skyblade Knives are the only way to go!  Marc Charnholm.  Bozeman, Montana

Todd.  I just wanted to say thanks again for a truly wonderful knife.  I have had a chance to use it 
on several deer this year, both in Texas and in the hardwoods of PA.  Each time my Summit 
Hunter worked flawlessly.  This is simply the best built, sharpest knife that I have ever owned...
and it looks great too..... You have been great to work with and your craftsmanship in building 
knives is the best there is.  Have a great Holiday Season.  I will definitely buy more.     Tom

You are an outstanding craftsman.  WOW!!!  Very pleased with my purchase.  Thanks!   Ron

Hey Todd!   I got the knife I ordered from you just a few days ago.  Thank you so much!  It is 
absolutely beautiful!  I know my husband will love it.  Thanks so much for rushing my order.  Trish

Todd,   Anyone looking for a quality, custom knifeólook no further!  I am holding a beautifully 
handcrafted, SKYBLADE knife for my unborn son, which bears his name engraved into the blade.  
The superb quality and craftsmanship that Todd puts into each blade is unequaled for the price 
one pays.  In past custom knife purchases, I have trusted only one person, and his prices exceeded 
$300 a knife.  But now, after having purchased a Skyblade knife and held this fine work of art, I 
know without a doubt, I will be buying more Skyblade Knives from Todd Orr in the future.   Paul

Received the knives and I can only say three words:  Outstanding, Awesome, Fantastic.  Lewis

Todd.  The knife is truly awesome.  The caribou is indeed a quality knife and the madison maple 
handle is truly beautiful.  A plus for the quality sheath as well.  This is indeed my best and favorite 
knife.  I can't wait to use it for hunting this season.  You now have a new sales rep in Maryland.  
I will indeed spread your name to my hunting buddies as well as to any new admiring hunters I 
meet in Maryland.  Thanks!  Tony

Todd.  The quality of your knives is equal to, if
not better than other custom knives I have seen.  
This now makes 4 Skyblade knives for me?  Am I done yet???  Weíll see?  Paul

I meant the compliments Ö not too hard to compliment good craftsmanship and a good product.  
Plus it is obvious you believe in yourself tooÖ not too many people
offer a lifetime warranty unless 
they know that what they are building is worth it!!!     Paul

Both knives were a true pleasure to use, outstanding balance and proportion for their purpose 
(Bison 3 and Wolverine), functional beyond normal expectation and outstanding edge-holding 
ability.  Not only did I use it on my own 3 deer, they were used on three others and 8 Canada 
Geese.  The bonus was the questions and compliments from all the others in camp as they 
watched and then handled your knives!     Leo

Todd, I received the knife yesterday in the mail.  WOW!  I was extremely pleased.  I have great 
admiration for people who
have developed a skill to the level required to produce such a beautiful 
piece of work.  Your attention to detail and pride in your work really show through. I will certainly 
show all my friends and spread the word.  Anyone would be hard pressed to find a nicer knife 
anywhere, at any price.  Thanks,       Craig

Todd - First of all, let me tell you that your knives are without a doubt the most outstanding looking 
knives that I've seen from any custom knife maker.  I've literally looked for years for a knife that has
the eye appeal that yours do.  The handles float into the blade which I personally feel is important 
for continuity and practicality.     Roger

Hi Todd,  Hope you are enjoying the New Year. I have been a lifelong knife enthusiast and am 
constantly buying, selling and swapping knives. I consider it a hobby but my wife would probably 
call it an obsession. I have had literally hundreds if not thousands of knives come into my 
possession over the years and would like to tell you that your knives are among the finest I have 
seen. You are a true craftsman and a credit to the art of bladesmithing.     Dan

Hi Todd.  Andy here.  I got my knife from the ups guy today.  It is a great, fantastic piece of art.  
The prettiest and nicest knife I have ever seen!  I am going to keep it for my little boy.      Andy

Todd, and it is beautiful.  Great craftsmanship!!!  Balance is as great as the workmanship.  
You do
good work and Iíll show all my buddies.  Thanks for a piece of art with anedge!  Tom

Todd.  Received my knife today.  I have over 50 handmade knives from other folks, but yours is by 
far the best I have ever held.  I don't know how you got it so sharp.  I'm going to order one each of 
your Summit Series with the Madison Maple.  I just thought I'd let you know how much I like your 
knives.  They are a work of art.  David

Hi Todd.  I wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know that I received my Skyblade; the 
Moose 5 model.  It's a beautiful knife and the fit and finish is superb!  I had planned to use it as a 
working knife and probably will but I can see where it could be considered as a piece of art for 
display.  Keep up the great work!  Steve

Todd,  I told you that I would be back. It probably won't even end here. I am a sucker for a good 
quality knife and yours certainly fill the bill.     Faron

Todd. Thank you for your quick response. Received knife on Wed. Its a work of art.     Jerry

Just wanted to let you know how pleased my husband and I are with the knife.  It was supposed 
to be a Christmas present, but after I opened it and saw how incredible it was, I had to give it to 
him right away!  (I've never done that before!)  Thanks for the fast shipping as well.     Joanne

VERY IMPRESSIVE!  Thanks for the fast turn and I will definitely keep you in mind for further 
work and references!     Mark

I thought he was going to tear up!!  He loves the knife!  Brought it to work bragging.  I'm so glad 
cause he's a big pain in the butt, but a great friend for 20+ years!  You're an artist!  Thank you so 
much!  Best regards.   Kyle

Todd.   Just need to tell you how happy I am with your knives. Thus far, I have bought 7.  I come 
from a hunting family and pass these out to brothers and friends.  All I hear are positive 
comments about your knives.  Ron

Hi Todd,  The knife arrived today and it's perfect. Thanks for being so easy to work with.  My 
husband says to tell you thanks, and he really likes the knife.  I'll be sure to check back with 
you the next time I need a gift, or the next time my husband is looking for another knife to add 
to his collection.  He was in a pretty serious car accident today, so it was a nice surprise for him 
to get the knife today.  Thanks again.  You do really nice work!     Lynne

Todd.  Love your work.  Buddy of mine in Houston turned me on to you by showing me one of 
your fillet knives.  Just beautiful!  Just bought my first Skyblade today.  I am sure it won't be the 
last.  Thanks!       Wiley

They are really beautiful, even better than I expected.  I'm going to have trouble parting with 
them.  I'm looking forward to doing much more with you in the future.      Bill

Todd,  Welcome home.  I received the knife on 19 Jan 05. Another outstanding job! The knife is 
absolutely gorgeous. I own 3 Chris Reeve knives. Two of them WERE my hunting & camping 
knives, but they've been replaced by your knives.  I love 'em.  I also own 3 Chris Reeve knives,
2 Randalls, 2 Al Mars. They are excellent knives but they have the "production feel" to them. 
Your knives do not have that feel!  I love my CRK's but they are now 2nd string to my SKYBLADES.  
I'm sure I'll be ordering another in the future.  Thank you,      Kevin

I have the knife...GREAT!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks, and get back in the shop and CREATE!!!!!!!!! Thanks,     Ron

Todd,  Had to have this one - it matches the first one I purchased!!  You have fantastic knives - 
thanks for sharing your talent.     Roger

Iím going to try and get every different type of knife you make (when I can afford it). So keep 
those knives coming; you make one hell of a good knife for a very reasonable price.    Roger

Todd,   Thanks for the quick turnaround.  I do appreciate it and look forward to owning another 
of your great knives.  You do great work!     Tom

You do terrific work.  I am pleased to have one of your knives in my collection.  Thanks,  Mike

Todd, I just finished up deer hunting in  Northern Texas and in Western Pa. I used my Summit Hunter 
that I purchased from you last year to field dress 5 whitetails. This knife performed like no other knife 
that I have owned. It holds its edge, it fits great in your hand, and it looks like a million bucks. I had
several people want to see this knife after watching me go to work on my deer. My biggest problem
was making sure they gave it back to me. I like to buy all kinds of new hunting toys, and I can honestly
say that your knife has been my best purchase in years. Keep up the great work and you can bet I will 
be back for more.  Tom 

Todd.  Just wanted to share the thank you note below, that I received from my nephew Jon.  Thanks 
for making mine a special gift!  Wiley   

(Uncle Wylie and Aunt Lynn,  I wanted to thank you for the amazing knife that you gave me for 
graduation. I have never seen anything like it.  The craftsmanship is outstanding, the edge is razor sharp, 
and the design is actually very functional despite its beautiful, decorative, appearance.  It's so rare these 
days for something to be beautiful, well made, and completely functional. While I would not want to 
actually dirty it up field dressing an animal, I have complete confidence that it is well suited for it.  I can't 
believe the Pistolies are not investing in pieces made by this excellent craftsman.  
Thank you again.  Jonathan)

Todd - I received the Moose 5 today!!! It is absolutely beautiful and well worth the wait.   What balance! 
The sheath is awesome as well. It is everything that I thought it would be. The knife is so nice that I 
have a hard time believing that this will become a working knife for me in the field. I've waited for years 
to find a knife that has this much character and beauty. Todd you are an outstanding craftsman and 
bladesmith. The other knifemakers should mirror what you produce. Thanks again,  Rog

Hello Todd. I received my knife today (a Bison 4 RWB no 066)It is so beautiful that i got little tears in 
my eyes.  I made that order because I want something special for my 40th Birthday.  Words are missing 
for describing the beauty and quality of the knife.  

Todd. Today I got my Madison 5 and I've got to say that I love it.  If it is anything like the pheasant 
that I bought from you then this will be a deer butchering blade.  As for the pheasant, it has just gutted, 
and skinned out #3.  It is still very sharp.  I love this little knife.  As a matter of fact I have "retired" my 
other knives as this little one is all I need.  I will however use the Madison to butcher the deer in my 
basement fridge.  Great product and thanks for the great deal.  Paul M.

thanks a lot Todd.  I have been out of town but I just got the knife.  I love it and I'm sure my father will too!  
I will try to get you some more business with friends and family that I show off the knife to.

Hello Todd.  Just to let you know, my knife arrived last Wednesday. Fantastic, Thankyou.  

Todd,  I received the Caribou today. I'm very happy. I'm sure my friend will be also. Another outstanding 
knife. I'm looking forward to seeing the Centurion. It does sound like a great color combination.  
Thank You,  Kevin

Todd. I just saw one of your knives and pulled up your website.  First of all, let me tell you that your
knives are without a doubt the most outstanding looking knives that I've seen from any custom knife
maker.  I've literally looked for years for a knife that has the eye appeal that yours do.  The handles
float into the blade which I personally feel is important for continuity and practicality.  Roger.


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